Brand History

In 2006, Swiss entrepreneur Elia Ponti decided to create a suitcase for frequent flyers like himself; a premium brand focusing on craftsmanship, practicality, and innovation.
Not long afterwards, he registered the SWISSMOBILITY brand. “SWISS” represents the brand’s heritage and its insistence on quality, while “MOBILITY” encapsulates the essence of travel.
Elia Ponti invited top American designer Todd Michael Kramer, and suitcase manufacturing expert Alan Lin to create the brand's DNA.
From the angle of the handles to the size of the wheels, every molecule of each SWISSMOBILITY product has been researched, designed, tested, and improved for the benefit of the modern frequent flyers.
As a result, the original SWISSMOBILITY suitcase became an instant success with travelers all over the world. The range expanded to other travel products, such as backpacks and accessories, always sharing the same quality and design philosophy as the original SWISSMOBILITY suitcase.

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